ASP-1 Da Nang Viet Nam
Shortly after my arrival at ASP-1 the powers that were allowed liberty in Dogpatch and Da
Nang . I remember very vaguely one trip to Da Nang with a visit to the original USO, before
they moved to the new PX. I remember they had a pin ball machine with a cracked top
glass that you could stick a hanger into and hold down one of the switches racking up
free points and games. Dogpatch was a friendly place with a few bar/bordellos but mostly
Vietnamese stores, barbershops, and restaurants. You would never guess what was
going on in Dogpatch by simply riding through. I loaned my 45 rpm records, about 40, to
one of the bars. On the way to FLSG-a for chow one day the bar owner stopped the truck
and tried to give my records back saying that liberty was going to stop. We all had a good
laugh and I said I would pick up the records another day. When we got back to the dump
from chow we were informed that liberty was a thing of the past. I never did get those
records back.

(Joe Capozzo)
(Wayne Rhodes)
(Wayne Rhodes)
Here are the photos of Dogpatch 2009. Although the original ramshackle tin huts are gone, replaced with
concrete huts,Dogpatch, even though there are for certain a few nice homes here and there, remains 40 plus
years later pretty much the same. . Dogpatch has also grown quite a bit, not only spreading out along it's
flanks but also almost doubling it's length.

The first photo is looking across route 1 into the entrance of Dogpatch from where FLSG-A used to be. the
next 14 photos are travelling west through Dogpatch. The last photo in this series is the left turn that took you
to ASP-1.
This next series of photos are travelling east back through Dogpatch after turning around at the turnoff for ASP-1.
The last photo is looking across route 1 into where FLSG-A used to be.